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When you think about your manuscript in its entirety, ask yourself: Do you have concerns about the core narrative or plot? If so, a developmental edit might be your best route. Are you more anxious about the rhythm, continuity, and flow? Then a line edit is what you’re after. For those meticulous details like grammar, spelling, and punctuation, a proofread is the way to go. And if you’re aiming to ensure your content is inclusive and respectful, a sensitivity read is the ideal choice.

This depends a great deal on the editor and services you want. We do have several editors who are consistently booked 6+ months out.

Standard manuscript format–Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, one inch margins. If you send it in a different format, we will likely adjust it for ease of editing. We prefer Word documents, but also work with Google docs.

We send invoices via Stripe. Sometimes they get flagged as spam, though, so check there if you haven’t received it after we emailed. We can also send invoices via PayPal, but please ask for this specifically. We split payments in half–you’ll pay the first half on your start date and the final payment upon the completion of your edit.

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