How to Write Fat Positivity: An Incomplete Guide

  • Sep 9, 2020
  • 2 minute read

You care about writing diversely. You know how important it is to have accurate representation in your stories. You want to include characters whose experience is outside of yours.

It’s easy to find examples of writing gone wrong, but where do you start to get it right?

Begin right here with the fifth book in Salt & Sage’s new writing craft series: Writing Fat Positivity: An Incomplete Guide.

Written by fat-positive editors and readers in their own voices, this e-book is an affordable, accessible primer for topics like fat-people stereotypes, what it’s like to move through the world as a fat person, relationships, gender biases, and tropes to watch out for when writing fat characters.

Each brief section points the reader toward resources for further study, including links to online articles and a list of books that feature fat-positive characters.

What Incomplete Guides are not:

- a long, comprehensive text

-a claim to speak for the opinions and experience of all people within that community

-a replacement for individualized sensitivity reading

Incomplete Guides are just that: incomplete. Cultures are not monoliths, and no one person can represent every individual or anticipate every concern. No one book or perspective can reflect the diverse experiences of fat-positive people nor should you use this as your only guide. We strongly encourage you to hire a sensitivity reader (or several!), to listen to fat-positive voices, and to extensively read #ownvoices books by fat-positive authors.

What Incomplete Guides are:

-an affordable starting point for creatives new to sensitivity reading

-an accessible resource for further personal research

-expert insights given in Sages’ own voices

These Guides can help you identify some of the most common issues our sensitivity readers address as you consider new projects, revise current works, or want to prep your piece for a more comprehensive, customized sensitivity edit.

Our Incomplete Guides are by no means exhaustive–but they are a great place to start.

Pre-order here! Writing Fat Positivity: An Incomplete Guide

A note about attribution: We allow our contractors to choose what they share publicly through our company. Creative voices are all too familiar with trolls and doxxers who wish them harm. While they are proud of their contributions to this guide, they are understandably wary of putting their name on a body of work that could invite that kind of reaction from those who aren’t receptive to its message.

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