Al MacKay is a freelance editor and writer with experience in a variety of creative fields. He works in many different areas, including zine making, film festival curation, video editing, independent animation, and transcription. Al has a special fondness for science fiction and fantasy, but he enjoys reading and editing for just about any genre and demographic.

He takes pride in his attention to detail, and his fast turnaround times. He especially loves reading for transmasculine and gay characters in fiction.

He spent the last year as a festival programmer for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and he carries this strong interest in LGBTQ2S+ media of all types to his work for Salt & Sage.

In his free time, Al loves discovering new comics and zines at small press fairs.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Transmasculinity / transgender men
  • Non-binary identity
  • Gay men & gay masculinity
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Late 2000s & early 2010s internet subcultures
  • Independent comics
  • Bullying (online, verbal, physical)
  • Filmmaking and film history
  • Intimate partner abuse / gaslighting
  • Autism

 Preferred Genres

sci-fi  fantasy  erotica  xenofiction  autobiography 

 Avoided Genres


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