Alexis Simms is a Black young adult getting into the publishing business! She has a keen eye for developmental issues and flushes out the bare bones of what the pieces she reads are REALLY about to get them to the next level.

As an avid reader and writer herself, her deconstructing skills are just what you need to further your samples along. From plot concerns and character development, she brings the best to the table to help you get a deeper understanding so that your story can reach its full potential.

She specializes in her first-hand experiences and is more than willing to help create the vision and success you see in your writing.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • New Orleans
  • Black women
  • Mental health
  • Familial abuse

 Preferred Genres


 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


Alexis hit exactly where I had my concerns but wasn’t sure how to proceed without writing experiences I can’t attest to. Reading Black authors and researching helped, but Alexis has been invaluable. I’m grateful for her insight.


I requested a sensitivity read for a 1920’s horror/historical novel with a Black MC and worked with Alexis Simms. Her feedback was clear and concise, and helped me understand how to push the story to be more accurate for the character as well as how to deepen the social friction I didn’t personally have experience with. Erin’s coordination of the process was pristine. I will definitely be returning when another manuscript needs assistance. <3

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