Amy loves to dive into characters and find out what makes them tick. She catches developmental flaws and inconsistencies in characters. Do you have a character relationship that doesn’t seem quite right? Lackluster supporting-characters? Amy can help. 

Amy knows your work represents impressive determination and courage, and will always treat it with sensitivity and respect. 

Amy reads just about everything except erotica and horror. One of her favorite books is MY NAME IS ASHER LEV by Chaim Potok.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Counseling process, including diagnosis and DSM-5
  • Mental illnesses, especially depression, anxiety, bipolar, and schizophrenia
  • Family member of those living with mental illnesses
  • PTSD, trauma
  • Sexual assault, rape, abuse
  • Emotional and mental abuse

 Preferred Genres

Romcom  mystery  literary fiction  romance  YA  self-help 

 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


With Amy’s help, I feel much more confident that I am sending my novel out into the world in the best shape I can get it. Thank you!


I needed an expert/sensitivity read for my depiction of schizophrenia. Amy really helped with indicating what worked and reassuring me that I was on the right track, whilst also providing detailed constructive criticism on what areas didn’t work as well or could do with some more focus. While the focus was on the sensitivity read, she also left some positive comments on the overall story and pointed out some mistakes, all of which was beneficial. All of the feedback and additional resources provided has really helped to improve my work.