Candice has dedicated her life to words. Initially she had dreams of going to medical school, but when she was faced with the choice of Inorganic Chemistry or taking a Creative Writing class, she ran screaming from the science lab and into the amazing world of creative fiction. Since receiving her BA (Dartmouth College) and MFA (University of Notre Dame), she has divided her time between developmental and line editing for publishers and independent authors and working on her own creative projects. 

Being a writer has made her an extremely compassionate editor. Every story exists perfectly in an author’s mind, and the hardest and most rewarding part of writing is capturing those words and bringing characters and emotions to life. Her goal is to help people tell their best story. Being a guide on a writer’s journey is the most gratifying work she’s ever done. 

As a student of writing, an instructor of workshops, and an editor with over 15 years of experience, Candice wants to use her knowledge not only to help authors improve and elevate their current work in progress but also to teach skills that will assist them in becoming better writers. 

If Candice isn’t writing, editing, or reading, check her pulse. Just kidding. She also enjoys British baking, finding binge-worthy gems on Netflix, and walking her three furbabies.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • African American
  • Racism & microaggressions
  • African Americans functioning in predominantly white spaces
  • Interracial relationships
  • Gender nonconformity
  • Bisexuality/sapiosexuality
  • Weightlifting/powerlifting
  • Eating disorders
  • Body positivity/obesity
  • Mental illness (focus on anxiety/depression/bipolar disorder)
  • Sexual abuse/rape
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Grief after death/loss of a parent/loss of a sibling
  • Infertility
  • Psychological therapy
  • Agnostic/living without religion
  • Child of a parent dealing with addiction
  • Baking from scratch
  • Knitting
  • Fraternity/sorority life
  • Dog rescue and rehabilitation

 Preferred Genres


 Avoided Genres

Erotica  Christian 

What Clients Say


My experience was great as usual. I had several questions about the services before I signed a contract and Erin answered each in detail. Candice’s line edit was FAN-TASTIC and I definitely want to work with her as I complete the other books in the series I’m working on. I really appreciate her comments, not only highlighting areas where the manuscript can be improved but also offering suggestions for how I can do so.


I hired Candice to do a sensitivity read on my urban fantasy manuscript with a Black woman MC. Her edits and suggestions were thoughtful, detailed and full of resources that will deepen my understanding of being Black in Canada/Scotland and do justice to the character. Her suggestions are why I think it’s so important to hire a sensitivity reader because she touched on things that I wouldn’t have seen or known with my limited experience and the privilege I carry as a white woman. I would definitely recommend Candice and Salt & Sage Books to anyone writing outside their experiences. If this book ever gets published, I will hire Candice again for book two!