Carling likes writing dark, spooky, bloody fiction. They’ve published one book (a memoir on mental illness), several short stories, and lots of reviews. They help run the Writers with Mental Illness book club. They volunteer with a community writing center and work with English language learners. They’re headed back to school for an English degree and is excited to share what they’re learning. Carling is looking forward to reading all YA, personal narratives, literary fiction, anything with magic, dystopian worlds, and academic work. They’re a sucker for queer romance. They’re ironically pretty easily creeped out, so they’re a good judge of whether your horror novel will keep people up at night. They’re ready for blood and guts and will do their best with sex scenes. 

The book they were most affected by in 2019 was On Writing by Stephen King (though he could definitely benefit from a sensitivity reader!).


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Mental illness: anxiety, OCD, CPTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, suicidality, hallucinations, delusions, ADHD (diagnosed as an adult), hypersexuality, mania, manic spending, paranoia, agoraphobia
  • Therapy/psychiatry (patient), psychiatric hospitalization
  • LGBTQ: queer, gay, genderqueer, gender non-conformity, non-binary femme, grey-A sexuality, gender questioning, questioning sexuality
  • Abusive romantic relationships: sexual, emotional
  • Disability (temporary physical, chronic mental, temporary GI), disability rights
  • Caretaker/patient romantic relationships
  • Invisible illness/chronic illness/mystery illness; medical/diagnostic trauma
  • Physical therapy; immobilizing injuries (legs, back)
  • Pilates
  • Women's college
  • Being nonreligious in a majority-LDS city/state
  • Vegetarian/vegan lifestyle; food allergies, including use of EpiPen
  • Working in law firms, law school
  • Majoring in science, working in science labs including animal labs
  • Memory problems
  • Locations: Salt Lake City, Denver/Boulder area, New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn), Finland (small town)

 Preferred Genres

Horror  Romcom  video games  YA romance  magical realism  experimental 

 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


As someone new to writing, I wasn’t sure what to expect when hiring a sensitivity reader. Carling did a fantastic job providing me with feedback and responding to all my questions and concerns. She was very thorough and meticulous in sending me links to further resources. I’m glad I took advantage of this service provided by Salt and Sage.