Dae loves stories, and is eternally torn between discovering new ones and rereading old favorites. When not reading, they can be found volunteering or doing paid non-profit work. They have found that their focus on helping is just as essential to sensitivity reading as their love of stories, and put kindness at the core of their approach. Kindness is sensitivity reading means not shaming writers for “being problematic” but instead focusing on solutions. Dae focuses on gently working with you to discuss intersections of cultural context with your writing, offering potential solutions and alternate approaches, and giving you the resources you need. 

Kindness also means not offering false reassurances and positivity while glossing things over. Instead, it means offering concrete resources and advice to take your piece to the next level. It means means offering a new perspective on your work, to help you match up the story you’re conveying to the story you want to tell. Ultimately, Dae’s approach is about giving you the tools to tell your story the best you can. 

Dae enthusiastically works with a range of genres, with a special soft spot for YA and urban fantasy.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Mixed Latinx culture (Mexican-American, Chilean)
  • Mixed race experiences
  • Regional familiarity for the rural midwest
  • LGBTQ+ culture, especially nonbinary experiences and asexuality
  • Disability, specifically mobility impairments, and diagnosis process
  • Spoonie culture and cripple punk culture

 Preferred Genres


 Avoided Genres