"Queer, Trans, Spanish and lover of horror and erotica —I'd be delighted to devour what your mind has created!"

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, David (he/him) is an editor and writer with a background in Psychology who loves books as much as he loves people. You can find him behind his laptop and second coffee or walking around his hometown buying more and more books, always ready to listen and trade stories. An avid reader since he was little, David is always up to work as Sensitivity/Authenticity Reader for experiences such as being a Spanish transmasculine bi man, among other things like being raised Catholic. He is also a Beta Reader, and in has work as BR and SR in several Spanish books and projects. He is also interested in book design, and loves elegant yet powerful cover art. 

David is fan of deep, intense stories: doesn’t matter if it’s realistic, fiction, horror, thriller… He will read almost anything. His favorite books are all with coming-of-age undertones, YA and NA, and psychological terror. Erotica, Romance… and scripts! He has a weakness for graphic novels and fiction podcasts, any kind of genre.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • LGBTQ+ culture and experiences, specifically Transgender Bisexual/Gay Men
  • Transmasculine experiences in Spain and the Netherlands
  • Spanish (Spain) culture
  • Only Girls education from 5y.o. until 18y.o.
  • Psychology - anxiety, depression, minority stress, eating disorders
  • Minor Spanish translations/slang use
  • Raised Catholic

 Preferred Genres

Horror  Queer horror  YA  NA  non-fiction  sci-fi  fantasy and of course  (queer) erotica. 

 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


All of the staff were courteous, communicated clearly, and responded to emails quickly. David provided thoughtful, insightful commentary on my draft with a very fast turn around, and I am grateful for his input.