Dr. D. received his Bachelor’s degree in experimental physics from Cornell where he co-founded the American Indian Studies Program there. He obtained his PhD in experimental physics from the Gravity Group at Princeton. Currently Professor Emeritus and Research Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology and a previous Fulbright scholar at the University of Manitoba, he has held positions at Kitt Peak and Caltech’s JPL, the University of Michigan, the University of Arizona and Yale. He rose to the executive level at IBM’s Research Division. He has served the National Academy of Sciences in its grant selection process for its Ford Foundation Graduate Program for Minorities, has been an entrepreneur and has started two companies within the last 18 years. He has been an active mentor in the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Lighting the Path program for Native students in STEM and is a co-PI of the grant. He is cofounder of the Native Alumni of Princeton and serves on multiple admissions committees there.

Dr. D, an enrolled member of the Abenaki Nation of Missisquoi and Mohawk Turtle clan, is a Sequoyah Fellow of AISES. He was awarded the 2019 Ely Parker Award from AISES, their highest honor. He holds 21 issued patents and has published a textbook on physics-based computer security. He is currently focused on science content in Indigenous languages and the history of Indigenous science before contact. He has mentored many PhD and Master’s degrees for students in physics at the University of Michigan, Yale, the University of Arizona, and RIT. He has delivered keynote addresses at the MIT Device Research Conference, the University of Virginia, Yale, the University of Manitoba, the University of Rochester, and multiple conferences including the 2022 Conference on Indigenous Science.

  • Awarded the Ely Parker 2019 award from the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, their highest award.
  • An experienced executive manager of scientific R&D projects in large and small companies.
  • An innovative educator focused on experiential learning and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • A consultant to colleges and universities on Native American and First Nations recruiting and retention in the sciences.
  • An improv coach running programs in science communication and team building using carefully selected improvisational exercises.
  • A creative educational entrepreneur, creating enterprise programs that bring value to its communities and providing students with hands-on entrepreneurial experience.
  • An experimental physicist with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, interdisciplinary science, weak signal detection, computer security and space physics.
  • An experienced executive manager of technology and business efforts within a large corporation and entrepreneurial settings.
  • An Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Research and Interdisciplinary Programs
  • An active researcher in the application of artificial intelligence to the search for phenomenological precursors for use in predictive monitoring.
  • A professor and educator working to develop research skills in undergraduate and graduate students.
  • A Sequoyah Fellow of AISES developing educational programs for Native American students interested in math and sciences.
  • An experienced entrepreneur in computer security and energy fields.
  • An experienced negotiator with an emphasis on win-win arrangements.
  • An experienced improvisational theater performer.
  • Awarded the 2019 Ely Parker Award from AISES * Cornell undergraduate degree in physics Cum Laude
  • Princeton PhD in physics in cosmology
  • 40 years as a professor
  • Elected to the Board of the American Indian Science and Entering Society
  • Former Board member of the Iroquois White Corn Project
  • Board member of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni
  • Awarded the Ely Parker Medal, AISES
  • Cofounder of the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program at Cornell
  • Cofounder of the Native Alumni of Princeton
  • Recently nominated for the 2024 Compton Medal in physics
  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Educational innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Improvisational theater and scientific communication
  • Physics
  • Computer security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Experimental techniques in science
  • Preservation and restoration of Native American science and history
  • Clean energy
  • Data mining
  • Search for precursors

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