Erin’s officially been writing for over half of her life, and has the stacks of scribbled-in notebooks to prove it! She can help you with anything from story structure to emotional payoffs. If she’s not eyebrows-deep in a book, she’s probably watering her plants or her children (or both!). 

She loves to figure out what makes characters tick, and watch them move towards real, important change. She loves dealing with misbeliefs, character arcs, and figuring out the elusive best place to start your story. 

Erin also offers story development services. Her unique formula can help you come up with a punchy story, figure out what’s dragging, where you need to add (or cut) words, and identifying which subthreads need fleshing out. Ask about her unique services in the consult form! 

As a former middle- and high-school English teacher, Erin has a soft spot for middle grade and YA of all stripes, but her truest loves are talking animals and anything containing multiverses (just ask her agent; it’s magical histories with talking animals all the way down). That said, she’ll read just about anything except gory horror, and she’ll even read that if you bribe her with a Snickers. 

Her most recent couldn’t-put-it-down book was HEALER OF THE WATER MONSTER by Brian Young; she cried most recently while reading THE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF COYOTE SUNRISE by Dan Gemeinhart; and mostly recently threw OUTLANDER against the wall.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Teaching middle and high school
  • French language and culture
  • Traveling, specifically to and around Europe
  • Women's representation

 Preferred Genres

Fantasy  Historical  Middle Grade  YA  Magical Realism 

 Avoided Genres

Slasher Horror 

What Clients Say


Nicole was a pleasure to work with. She helped me understand what I need to work on for future books. This was my first book and editor. No question went unanswered, Erin made me feel comfortable with them. Loved the open communication.


Working with Patricia and Erin has been extremely helpful, and a very painless process. My concerns were addressed politely and my mistakes without judgment. I found it very enlightening, and I think it will make my manuscript stronger.