Heba Elsherief holds an MA in English Literature and a PhD in Language and Literacies from the University of Toronto. A former Islamic high school English teacher, she now teaches university classes in cultural studies and language education.

She’s served as managing editor and reviewer on several peer-reviewed academic journals and has worked in directly supporting the thesis/major project writing of graduate students since 2014.

Her research is entrenched in decolonizing methodology and considers theoretical underpinnings and diverse representations in Young Adult literature and how this impacts pedagogy and curricula. Beyond the academic side of writing, Heba’s work has made her see the importance of having more diverse stories in the world and she’s 100% committed to making that happen in any way she can. A self-described “craft-book junkie,” her addiction to studying and thinking about story structure and narrative resonance is voracious.

Heba also reads academic works in the humanities or social sciences.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Muslim
  • Arab
  • Egyptian
  • Arab Diaspora
  • Post-Colonial People/Themes

 Preferred Genres


 Avoided Genres


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