Helen Gould is from the UK and specializes in reading manuscripts for POC, gender, sexuality, mental health, and other topics. She has worked as a freelancer writer, blogger, consultant, and writer. She speaks regularly about the socio-political impact of media (especially navigating race in films and games). She has spoken at Afrotech Fest, Nine Worlds, Videobrains, the SOAS Student Union, and Eastercon. Helen is enthusiastic about TTRPGs and all sorts of gaming.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • TTRPGs
  • Black and mixed-race people
  • Race relations within the UK
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Mental health, trauma, depression

 Preferred Genres

Sci-fi  Fantasy  Horror 

 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


Salt and Sage provided a professional and welcoming experience that exceeded my expectations. The process was clear and easy to understand. The sheer amount of different editors will have me coming back if a project requires a sensitivity reading. I will be recommending them if anyone needs any editing or sensitivity reading.


Booking Salt & Sage was completely smooth and painless. I felt like they understood my project and needs right from the start, and were extremely accommodating. Our editor, Helen, offered such insightful, creative feedback that I definitely feel it improved our manuscript and enabled me to think about the project in different ways than I had previously. We incorporated a lot of her feedback into the final product. I would absolutely work with Helen and Salt & Sage again.