Equipped with a degree, experience, and a love for books, Johanie is a developmental and line editor who won’t rest until every story she touches is the best it can possibly be. She’s on your team . When she’s not reading, Johanie enjoys watching anime, working out, and playing with her cats.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Latinx culture (specifically Central American)
  • Afro-Panamanian culture
  • Mixed cultures (specifically Latinx and Black culture)
  • Interracial relationships
  • Mental illness including major depression, anxiety, bipolar II
  • Abusive relationships (specifically emotional abuse)
  • Religious background (specifically Protestant, Baptist [both predominantly black and white], and "non-denominational" Christianity)
  • Atheism

 Preferred Genres

YA Romance  YA Fantasy/Sci-fi  Romance  Biographies  YA Murder Mysteries  Thrillers  Erotica  Funny middle-grade books 

 Avoided Genres

Historical  Slasher Horror