A promoter of the Non-Directive Writing Tutoring, Jordan Merica is a former university-level writing tutor. Recently branching out into freelance sensitivity reading and editing, as well as hosting writing workshops. Jordan is an Afro-Indigenous person and very proudly a reconnecting Black Cherokee Freedmen. You can catch them anywhere at any time, as she is also prone to taking off on epic adventures and flights of fancy. A lover of the wilderness, their people, and the land, so much so a podcast came out of it. Jordan also works with Terra Incognita Media(.com) to explore and highlight marginalized communities’ relationships with the land. From Food Sovereignty to traveling while Brown or Black. If it’s about the land, Jordan’s got an opinion on it. 

Everyone has a story to tell, and that writing is a practice that all people should have access to and encouragement to pursue. If she isn’t out in the field with her dog Koda collecting flowers, she’s building, baking, or planting something


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Black
  • Native
  • Queer
  • Neurodivergence
  • Land stewardship

 Preferred Genres

Scifi  Fantasy  Graphic novels  Memoirs  Historical Fiction 

 Avoided Genres