Jordan Merica is a former university-level writing tutor who bounced around strange jobs for a few years post-college before deciding to branch out into freelance sensitivity reading and editing and hosting writing workshops. Most recently developing their skills set for Critical Race Theory editing for both literature and educational materials.

Jordan is Afro-Indigenous and a reconnecting Black Cherokee Freedmen. You can catch them anywhere at any time, as she is also prone to taking off on epic adventures and flights of fancy—a lover of the wilderness, their people, traditional arts, and Land Stewardship. Jordan spends a lot of time cultivating their farm into a future food forest and relearning traditional crafts/art forms. Jordan also makes Indie Podcasts, the first of which is Rambler about traveling as a Black Native femme. Most recently producing Black Ndn Tea, a pop culture review podcast from the Indigenous diaspora, chatting about movies, tv shows, and trends.

Everyone has a story to tell, and that writing is a practice that all people should have access to and encouragement to pursue. Jordan encourages authors to think of Sensitivity Reading/Editing as a conversation between the Reader and Author on how to make their work stronger without relying on outdated ideologies. As a writer, Jordan understands how intimate creation can be and wants to be supportive rather than critical about sensitive dialogues.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Black Native/Afro-Indigenous Experiences
  • Critical Race Theory Research & Editing
  • Neurodivergence & Trauma Recovery: ADHD and CPTSD
  • Queer BIPOC Experiences
  • Black & Indigenous Womanist Theories
  • Indigenous Land Stewardship
  • Histories outside of White/Eurocentric Timelines
  • Decolonization of Museums and Anthropological Studies
  • Appalachian Environmental Justice & Rural Resistance

 Preferred Genres

Scifi  Fantasy  Graphic novels  Memoirs  Historical Fiction  Sci-Fi  Fantasy  Short Stories  Poetry  Afro-Futurism  Indigenous-Futurism  Plays 

 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


I found the team at Salt & Sage to be incredibly helpful and professional. Our reader Jordan was very thorough in her read of the manuscript and identified some key issues that needed to be addressed. Jordan also provided some really helpful resources and tips on researching facts about indigenous communities, which proved very useful to this project. I would highly recommend Jordan as a sensitivity reader and the team at Salt & Sage


I really appreciate how detailed Jordan goes in breaking down what doesn’t work for a character in terms of their ability to serve as good Native American representation, which I found very helpful in figuring out how to rewrite said character. I also quite like how Jordan has high standards for what they believe is the best way to properly portray Indigenous characters in a story and will ensure the writer is able to work towards those standards. I also appreciate the incredible amount of research Jordan goes out of their way to conduct for every little detail which resulted in them providing me a lot of helpful resources to work with.

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