Katie’s greatest dream is to have one of her quotes said at the beginning of a Criminal Minds episode. So far, her writing has reached the readers of Maudlin House & Scribble Literary, among others. She has worked as a creative writing teacher for Young Authors Workshop LLC, a writing intern for Psych2Go Magazine, and a literary agent intern for Creative Media Agency Inc., which she believes gives her a lot of insight into the query editing process. Her favorite book is ever-changing, but she always has a soft spot for Harry Potter (team Hufflepuff).

As a child, Katie’s goal in life was to be Kissing Kate Barlow from Holes. Since the Wild West has diminished, she’s decided to be a writer and editor instead. She assumes those professions share equal kill counts.

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  Sensitivity / Expert

  • LGBTQ+ characters
  • Drag culture
  • Geek Culture (specifically Cosplaying and fan fiction)
  • ADHD (childhood and adult)
  • Anxiety, depression, PTSD
  • Pescatarian/vegetarian lifestyle
  • Feminism (working in a male dominate field)
  • Religious Upbringing (specifically Methodist and Catholic)
  • Abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual)
  • Dystonia
  • Bullying
  • Grief after death
  • Growing up in the South (specifically Virginia and North Carolina)
  • Working in publishing (specifically as a magazine intern and literary agent intern)
  • Therapy, specifically Behavioral Cognitive Therapy

 Preferred Genres

Young Adult  Thriller  Mystery  Literary  Romcom 

 Avoided Genres


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