Kim is an experienced and kind developmental editor. Maybe because she’s a mom. Maybe because she’s Canadian. But she has a knack for meeting writers where they are and helping them identify the best ways to level up their story. 

Whether she’s editing your manuscript or your query letter, Kim takes the time to share her reactions so you can watch in the comment bubbles as she enthuses over fun twists, makes gentle note of where plot points and character motivations can be clarified, and cheers both you and your main character on to victory. With her gift for honing sentence-level prose, and her keen awareness of the powerful craft elements that comprise an authentic, soul-wrenching tale, Kim’s edits will help you figure out just how far your story can go and build you a road map to take you there. 

She’ll also show you how to be less wordy than she is. 

Having spent a worrying amount of time in the query trenches before finding her ever-amazing agent [Josh Adams of Adams Literary], Kim is particularly skilled in the elusive art of query writing, and the meticulous polishing of first chapters. If you have submission materials that could use a little more shine, we’ve got a Kim for that. 

When she’s not editing, Kim can be found avoiding her domestic responsibilities, pretending to be funny on the internet, or bragging about how deeply flawed she is so you can feel better about yourself. You’re welcome. 

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Fast Editor!

This editor has a 24-48 hour turnaround time!

Only applies to queries and first chapters.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Canadian
  • Autistic
  • ADD
  • General & Social Anxiety
  • Clinical, Prenatal, and Post-partum Depression
  • Miscarriage
  • Physical and Verbal Bullying Victim
  • Difficult Pregnancies (Placenta Previa, Bedrest)
  • Death of a Parent
  • Music Performance (Piano, Flute, Choir)
  • Optometric Healthcare (Co-Owner of a Vision Clinic)

 Preferred Genres

Fantasy (All Kinds)  Science Fiction  Dystopian  Horror  Humor  Dark  Quirky  Middle Grade  Young Adult  Adult   

 Avoided Genres

Historical  Military  Nonfiction   

What Clients Say


Kim critiqued the first page of my Upper MG manuscript, and the insight she provided was invaluable. I can only imagine what her expertise would do for an entire manuscript. You cannot go wrong with her editorial services!


I met Kim when I was just starting out. Her input was a huge part of what took me from noobie to published author.