"Laz is a disabled transgender man with a passion for sci-fi and fantasy. "

Hi, I’m Laz! I am an epileptic transgender man living in “Vancouver”, Canada. I have a strong interest in explorations of disability, sexuality, and gender in fiction. I am a mixed-media sculptor and zine creator. I am deeply passionate about bringing artwork to print, and I run a small press to facilitate that.

I’m very excited to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • White passing, assimilated mixed M├ętis
  • Transgender men
  • Invisible disability
  • Epilepsy, seizure disorder
  • Childhood transition / hormone replacement therapy as a teenager
  • Gay men / gay masculinity
  • Family estrangment
  • Low income, on disability benefits
  • Video games, including mobile games

 Preferred Genres

Sci-fi  fantasy  erotica  comics 

 Avoided Genres


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