Lee Anne Cooksey has worked for a local government agency for 30 years. She currently supervises four (4) team members who are responsible for procuring , writing contracts and reviewing the Providers for her organization’s Children’s Services Division. 

Lee Anne lives on a mini-farm and has several horses. One of which was an injured racehorse that she rescued, rehabilitated & re-trained in dressage. 

Lee Anne enjoys reading self-help and romance novels. Her two favorite books are Jane Eyre & The Secret. Jane Eyre was her first required summer reading book when she went in to high school. It was the first book that ever drew her in to another place. The Secret has taught Lee Anne about life & that what you put in to the universe, you tend to get back. She lives her life in a very positive manner and enjoys learning new things. 

Lee Anne’s passion involves helping families & children through her work & volunteer opportunities. Every summer she takes a week of vacation to work at a DDS camp called KAMP (Kids and Motivated People) Dovetail. Its is such an exciting an uplifting opportunity to allow these kids to do things they normally can not do such as fishing, dancing, camping, horseback riding, etc. Many of the children live in the city, or are wheelchair bound which greatly limits their access & abilities to do these fun things. Lee Anne also works an annual Old West Fest that runs over seven (7) weekends. Again - she gets to work with her favorite things in life - horses & kids. 

Lee Anne also enjoys eating clean & fitness. She enjoys working out 5 to 6 days a week. Her cardio is Zumba 2 days as she loves to dance and she is now learning to run too. You can often find her doing 5ks to raise money for local causes. She also lifts weights 3 to 4 days per week.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Horses (including rescue, rehabilitation, and dressage)
  • Working with children with disabilities
  • Fitness and running

 Preferred Genres


 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


It was fantastic! I love Lee Anne and she is the reason I keep coming back. She has a great delivery that helps you understand her recommendation clearly. I like that she provides feedback on both what you do right and what may need a little bit of work. She’s the best!!!


Fantastic! I will definitely be back. If anything, the editor’s letter reinforced my dream to write and publish books.