"For when plot spackle isn't enough."

Lydia (she/her) studied novel writing and editing at Stanford University. She specializes in helping authors create character-driven stories, increase emotional impact in scenes, sharpen plot points, nail their themes, and heighten tension for books readers won’t be able to put down. Lydia believes working with an editor should be fun and as low-stress as possible. She provides lots of praise for the parts of a manuscript that work well. This way, her authors know their strengths and can maximize them in their writing. 

When she’s not editing, Lydia moonlights as a professional game designer. She applies the same principles she’s learned in this field to her editing process. Characters and their choices should always be the heart of a story.

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  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Chinese-American culture
  • The mixed-race experience
  • Children of immigrants
  • Tiger parents
  • Complex family relationships
  • Interracial romance
  • Faith transitions
  • Archery
  • Gamer culture
  • San Francisco Bay area
  • Ancient Chinese magic systems

 Preferred Genres

Young adult  Adult  Urban fantasy 

 Avoided Genres


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