Lynn is currently on hiatus and is not accepting any edits at this time. Lynn Brown wrote her first book at the age of 6, (a fantasy!) to the wild acclaim of her kindergarten class. She’s been helping other writers get their words out into the world ever since. 

Graduating from San Francisco State University with an MFA in Speculative Fiction, she went on to peruse her passion for words, as an associate literary agent, literary travel magazine editor, adjunct writing professor and freelance writer. 

Her work has been published in well known magazines such as Vice, GQ, Conde Nast Traveler, Ebony Magazine, and others and she’s helped a variety of nonprofits and businesses create content that appeals to multicultural audiences. Her frequent bouts of gallivanting around the world (for work!) have given her an international perspective and enough empathy to help writers bridge the gap between their vision and their audience.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • African American
  • Native American (Choctaw)
  • African Indigenous traditions (voodoo, santeria, etc.)
  • Bisexuality
  • Invisible disabilities (chronic pain, neurological issues, seizure disorder)
  • Interracial relationships
  • Travelling while black/disabled/female

 Preferred Genres

Scifi  Fantasy  Romance  Romcom  erotica  LGBTQ+ stories  nonfiction   

 Avoided Genres

Horror  Domestic violence  Racist violence 

What Clients Say


I’m a trans woman writing an #OwnVoices romance, so I know the feeling of a voice that isn’t authentic coming from a character you want to see yourself in. I had written a Black love interest and I wanted his interiority to be genuine, even if it would be necessarily imperfect.

Lynn’s feedback was tremendously helpful, both in feeling more confident about the things I had gotten right and in helping me improve the sections that felt off. Her insight into the role race can play … especially helped a bunch. I got my manuscript back at three weeks on the dot and enjoyed working with everyone involved in the process.


Lynn’s feedback on our book was tactful, generous, constructive, and extremely valuable. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.