Mandy reads, writes, and does yoga in the cracks between all that drives life on a tiny, wanna-be homestead in Southern Utah. She has a knack for getting to the heart of a manuscript’s needs, drawing on a well-honed approach to character, story, and world development. Whether it’s surface cracks or deep gorges, she’s itching to help you fill them! This x-ray story vision, combined with multiple awards for her own story openings, makes her a perfect fit for polishing your first chapters. 

As a line editor, Mandy specializes in perfecting your prose while keeping your unique voice and style intact. 

She is open to most genres and categories with a soft spot for anything YA or Middle Grade and extensive experience in Contemporary Romance. 

While nostalgia paints ANNE OF GREEN GABLES as her favorite book, authors like Rae Carson and Maggie Steifvater have stolen her adult reader heart. 2020 brought light-hearted favorites to the forefront in Leah Johnson’s YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN and Kacen Callender’s FELIX EVER AFTER. 

She can’t wait to add your manuscript to her list of favorites!


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Death of a spouse, remarriage
  • Homesteading (gardening, raising animals, related skills)
  • Hunting, survival skills, wildlife
  • Anxiety
  • Performing arts (vocal/choral, piano, string instruments/orchestra, theater, dance)
  • Cooking/baking from scratch
  • Wellness (health, nutrition, home remedies)
  • Yoga
  • Physical therapy
  • Parenting/family dynamics
  • Homeschooling
  • Christianity
  • North American wildlife
  • Body positivity
  • Fat representation

 Preferred Genres

YA contemporary  YA Speculative  YA Fantasy  YA Sci-Fi  Dystopian  Magical Realism  Alternate History  Post-Apocalyptic  Steampunk  Contemporary Romance  Romcom  Middle Grade  Adult  Literary  Women's Fiction  Inspirational Non-Fiction 

 Avoided Genres

Slasher horror  Erotica  Epic Fantasy  Heavy Sci-Fi  Regency Romance 

What Clients Say


Fabulous! Friendly service and helpful advice all round and Mandy was fantastic. She was thorough, kind in her feedback, and she has helped me craft my piece into something far better than I could have imagined. Because she explains why something is a problem, I feel I am a better writer now going into my next project, with greater understanding of the craft. And she points out what I did well too, which is great, because I know to do more of those things, and it made the process an encouraging one. So thank you Mandy!