"Nicholas is a sensitivity reader with a particular adoration for all things bold."

A wild child of the chaotic arts, Nicholas Dante di Angelo is a creative soul with a proclivity for colorful, vivid imagery in their artwork and writing. They enjoy bold, brilliant splashes of color in everything and anything.

When not nose-deep in a book, they can be found playing video games and writing critical analyses on the pop culture/media they consumes. They really enjoy delving into the worlds magicked up by authors, and would be ever so delighted to help give honest feedback that helps authors think critically about their own work with fresh eyes and a different perspective.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Black
  • Somali
  • Canadian
  • Islam
  • Gay
  • ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD
  • Bullying/abuse
  • CSA
  • Domestic violence
  • Body image
  • Tokenism

 Preferred Genres

Anything queer (especially with interracial or black-focused gay stories)  Comics  Manga  Anime  Fandom  Geek  Horror  Mystery  Noir  Whodunnits  Erotica  Sci-fi  Fantasy  Urban fantasy  LGBTQ  comics  video games  YA 

 Avoided Genres


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