Patricia Ruiz-Rivera is a freelancer with a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who also works as an assistant editor for the literary magazine, American Short Fiction.

She has taught writing and literary studies at the university level, worked with publishers and, most recently, with book festivals. She is also fluent in five different languages, loves golden retrievers and tons of coffee.

Patricia loves reading every single genre out there, really! While she mostly reads literary fiction, science fiction, and memoirs, she really loves to explore different genres.

As a sensitivity reader, Patricia can help you identify any linguistic and cultural problems surrounding her different areas of expertise. She loves helping writers accurately represent diverse voices all across the board. In addition to this, Patricia is a language nerd! She can help you tweak your translations in any of the languages listed in her bio.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Latinx women
  • Mixed race identity
  • Standard and regional Spanish language and culture (including translations)
  • Standard and regional French language and culture (including translations)
  • Latinx diaspora in the USA
  • Jewish identity and communities
  • Mental Illness (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
  • Body image and eating disorders
  • Translation checks: Spanish, French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latinx culture (Puerto Rico, Cuban, Dominican, Caribbean), 1970s and 1980s Argentine history

 Preferred Genres

Science Fiction  Romantic Comedies  Literary Fiction 

 Avoided Genres


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