"A highly sensitive Inuk editor with a passion for honouring stories"

Rachel Taylor is a copy editor and proofreader. She reads for all genres, with a special interest in short fiction, autobiography/memoir, history, and scholarly nonfiction. She is Native American (Iñupiaq/Alaskan Native) on her mother’s side and settler on her father’s. She was born and raised in the beautiful unceded territories of First Nations in British Columbia, Canada, and currently lives in Stz’uminus territory on Vancouver Island.

Rachel is a highly sensitive editor who cares deeply about the author’s voice. She loves being an editor because she gets to help people share their passion through stories. Her own passions include science, philosophy, and Indigenous knowledge systems. As a co-founder of the Indigenous Editors Association, Rachel has always been particularly interested in the special considerations of editing the stories and worldviews of Indigenous Peoples. The skills she has learned while serving Indigenous authors have made her a stronger editor for all of her clients. Her experiences with research and philosophy make her especially talented in clarifying and simplifying even highly technical works.

She is particularly skilled in taking the audience’s perspective and will shine a light on opportunities for clarification. She will encourage and challenge you, honour your voice, and help you make your writing the best it can be.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Inupiaq
  • Alaskan Native
  • Native American, Indigenous
  • Mixed Indigenous and white
  • Native Americans living in Canada/BC
  • Inuit living in Canada/BC
  • ADHD
  • Atheist
  • Indigenous worldviews and knowledges
  • Pregnancy, childbirth

 Preferred Genres

Scholarly nonfiction  science  history  philosophy  pulp fiction  true crime  science fiction  literary criticism  essays  short stories  memoir  autobiography 

 Avoided Genres


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