Rochelle Burnside is a developmental and line editor who works by day as a content marketer, writing ad copy and non-fiction articles. She is also an avid writer of fanfiction, worming more fantasy and sci-fi elements into the storylines of every book series, video game, and TV show she holds dear. 

She has a bachelor’s in Linguistics with a minor in Editing, and she’s edited non-fiction and fiction alike with a varied array of subject matter — no need to be shy about your content! Rochelle prefers material that challenges her viewpoints or busts open a genre at its seams. Despite this, you’ll still find her relishing in the comforting predictability of a YA romance from time to time. 

She’s on your team, whether you want to stick to genre conventions or break them, and she’s excited to help you polish your work. 

Favorite book: Chicks in Chainmail anthology, Esther Friesner


 Preferred Genres

Fantasy  Science Fiction  Young Adult  Nonfiction 

 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


Amazing! 100% enjoyable and straightforward. Everything was great! Even when I had to delay moving forward… it was very easy to negotiate timing.


Everything has been amazing! My line edits from Rochelle were thorough, kind, and VERY helpful; both for this current MS and for refining my future grammatical and line prowess. The process has been a breeze.