Savannah Tenderfoot is a seasonal park ranger who would always choose a day in the woods or at the beach over being indoors. When she isn’t reading, you can find her gardening, cooking, kayaking, beading, relaxing near the river with a book of brain-teasers… the list goes on.

Savannah often says that she has never been bored for a single moment in her entire life. She has a keen understanding and deep connection to the natural world, which she credits to her formative years spent traveling around the country and visiting its most secluded and undisturbed wild places. After college, she also spent some time training as an herbalist under an Athabaskan medicine woman. The herbalist apprenticeship sparked her desire to reconnect with her Native Ojibwe ancestry and to embrace her heritage with newfound reverence.

Savannah acknowledges that moving frequently to different regions of the country helped form her insight on human behaviors and fostered a very open mind. In connecting with so many different people in so many diverse places, Savannah developed an expanding awareness and empathy for the human condition that can only be gained by a lifetime of experience.

All through her travels, Savannah thumbed through as many books as she could carry and absorbed one story after another. No page of any book is left unturned in Savannah’s hands, no genre unexplored.

Some special favorites are stories with anti-heroes, Horror, and Science Fiction/Paranormal. Savannah believes every story has the potential to unify and draw people in. Inclusivity, open communication, and respect are high on Savannah’s list of values. Savannah loves assisting writers to gain a deeper insight into their perspectives. With a sharp eye for detail and a sincere appreciation for prose, you can rest assured that Savannah Tenderfoot will treat your words with love and respect.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Ojibwe
  • Algonquin
  • Irish
  • British
  • Ashkenazi Jewish (Agnostic)
  • Anxiety & Depression

 Preferred Genres

Sci-fi  fantasy  horror  thriller 

 Avoided Genres


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