Stefanie Molina is a book coach who helps writers work through their mindset blocks and complete the novels of their dreams. At Salt & Sage, she’s a sensitivity reader who’s obsessed with learning and sharing knowledge, and often finds herself on mental tangents without any idea how she arrived there… Stefanie treasures the endless love and excitement authors have for their work. She believes the most important characteristic a writer can have is persistence, and she adores boosting morale and motivating her authors to reach the elusive finish line. She works hard to infuse the writing process with joy and fun. Few things are better to her than helping an author gain confidence and reach their goal! 

As a pan woman of color, Stefanie is personally invested in increasing representation in publishing, and is most interested in diverse stories with fresh perspectives. Any story that blends adventure and romance is her perfect cup of tea. 

When she’s not adding books to her reading list at an unsustainable rate, you can usually find her in the great outdoors; exploring her multiple cultures through food; or in a totally unrelated daydream.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Mexican American
  • Japanese American
  • Irish American
  • Mixed-race/multiethnic
  • Pansexual
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorder
  • Emotional/psychological abuse
  • PTSD, particularly C-PTSD

 Preferred Genres

Fantasy  Historical fantasy  Historical Fiction  Cozy Mysteries  Romcoms  Middle Grade  YA  Urban fantasy  Romance  Thriller  Mystery  Mythology  Contemporary 

 Avoided Genres