Taye Timko is a Jack and Jill of all Trades and the Master of Some—primarily an educator of color at an African centered high school on the East Coast, teaching (sometimes) reluctant young writers by day and is a writer and freelance editor by night.

She loves everything Nerd Culture, including but not limited to graphic novels, comics (primarily Marvel and DC, but some indy as well), movies, and cosplay. But she does love to read every single genre out there, so bring it on! She particularly loves to read Urban Fantasy, SciFi, and magical realism based literature.

Taye strives to make sure her readers feel supported, respected and does everything to make sure their voices are heard as they accurately represent minority communities. As a person of color, she strives to accurately represent diverse groups of writers.

She usually has her nose in the book of the latest author of color or something for this month’s book club next to her ever-mewling cat Thor.


Learn from Taye in our Gender Identity in Literature course.

  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Biracial identity: Black and white; biracial identity struggles and white-passing privilege
  • African-Americans functioning in predominantly white spaces
  • Demiflux/agender/gender nonconforming
  • LGBTQ+ community, pansexual identity
  • Polyamorous, nonmonogamous, interracial relationships
  • Familial homophobia and racism (microaggressions, racism, culture erasure)
  • Infertility
  • Mental illness (depression, General Anxiety Disorder, CPTSD [based on childhood trauma and emotional abuse], executive dysfunction problems)
  • Issues related to fatness, fatphobia, body image, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders
  • Sports Knowledge: Basketball, ice hockey (all men’s team), football (all men’s team), rugby (women’s league)
  • Chronic Illness history (Autoimmune; chronic fatigue, pain management, chronic pain; spoonie culture)
  • Vegetarianism/Plant-based diet experience
  • Childhood chromesthesia; adult mirror-touch synesthesia
  • Educator (M.A. in teaching)

 Preferred Genres

Urban Fiction  SciFi  Fantasy 

 Avoided Genres


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