Tova Seltzer is a fiction writer, poet, and indie bookseller with a B.A. in creative writing from American University. She has a great interest both in reflecting on her own experiences and in seeking deeper understanding of the world around her. She’s eager to bring these pursuits together with her life’s passion for language and storytelling as a sensitivity reader. Helen Oyeyemi’s novel Gingerbread has recently changed her entire brain, in the best way, and it’s hard to keep her away from a good YA section. Tova is also knowledgeable about tabletop gaming and is a certified Spanish translator.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism
  • Asexuality/the ace spectrum
  • Child of a same-sex couple and of separated/remarried same-sex parents
  • Conception via sperm donation
  • Phobias
  • Aromanticism
  • Tabletop gaming
  • Spanish language (working fluency, translation)

 Preferred Genres


 Avoided Genres

Horror  Detailed medical stories