Victoria Cho is a fiction writer from Virginia. She lives in New York City and works as a program coordinator at a community-based organization. When she’s not reading and writing, she’s helping teens think about their goals and passions. She also spends a lot of time baking and petting her cat. Victoria likes to talk with writers about their intentions and goals for a story. She’s passionate about sharp dialogue and characters who take risks, triumph, and fail. 

She loves to fall in love with characters, and she loves it when they break her heart – in the same story! 

She developed her editing skills when she was co-fiction editor for Apogee Journal, a literary journal that prioritizes under-served populations. In this role, she provided authors with grounded, supportive feedback on their pieces and discussed the impact of portraying specific identities. 

She was also a workshop facilitator for New York Writers Coalition and a VONA/Voices Fellow. She received her MFA in Fiction from University of New Orleans. 

As a Korean American child of immigrants, she is eager to see women of color portrayed as superheroes. She loves characters who challenge the American Dream and intergenerational tales. Let’s see some badass WOC! 

She likes to read contemporary adult fiction, personal essays, magical realism, science fiction, and apocalyptic and dystopian stories. Victoria is not the right choice for erotica, but will read anything else.


  Sensitivity / Expert

  • Korean-American
  • Immigrants

 Preferred Genres

Contemporary adult fiction  Personal essays  Magical realism  Science fiction  Apocalyptic  and Dystopian stories 

 Avoided Genres


What Clients Say


I received prompt and professional assistance, with S&S in constant communication with me, including telling me what they couldn’t do for me (One day, hopefully soon, I will find that mythical Mongolian cultural consultant…). The advice I got for my manuscript was in-depth, practical and illuminating, including links to multiple resources I would not have otherwise found. Victoria was nothing but helpful and I would recommend her as a Korean and queer cultural consultant in a heartbeat.