• Jan 17, 2024
Sensitivity Readers Aren't Scary

“If you want to feel afraid, you sure can. We will sit with you and be your friend. You can be a rough draft of a person.” - Sachiko Suzuki At Salt and Sage Books, we are obviously on Team Sensitivity Reader. We think that hiring a sensitivity reader is one of the most empathetic, thoughtful, and supportive things that you can do as an author, especially if you care about social justice, inclusion, and equity.

  • Jan 10, 2024
We Made a Podcast!

Did you know that Salt and Sage Books has a podcast? Well, now you do! We launched Rough Drafts Welcome on October 11, 2023 with the goal of discussing sensitivity reading, editing, and all things writing. Now, we know that you probably already have a hundred podcasts that you listen to regularly–we know that we do!